What is a betting system 2

What is a system in sports betting

Each player is familiar with the very concept of “system” in the bookmaker’s office, which implies a set of parlays and allows the player to insure himself against several mistakes when betting on several events at once.

For example, the player chooses three events that he thinks should play. But it is quite risky to put them in the accumulator, because if one of them fails, the entire amount of the bet will be lost.

In this case, the player chooses a system of two out of three, which will make it possible to still get a win with one unsuccessful outcome.

For example, football betting system – three events with a coefficient of 2.0, which are divided into 3 accumulators, that is, the first event with the second, the first with the third and the second with the third.

The bet amount is also divided by three.

D’Alembert Method

The fifth type of betting system takes into account the D’Alembert method, which is very similar to the Martingale method, but differs in that after winning, the bet size must be reduced by the size of the won bet.

And vice versa, if you lose, the bet should be increased by the amount of the lost bet. The d’Alembert method, which takes into account the direct amount of the bet, is also called the method of building pyramids.

Advantages – With more than 50% win ratio, the player receives an impressive profit by compensating for lost bets by its size.

Disadvantages – When using this betting system, you also need to remember about the upper limit of bets in bookmakers.

Grind method

The sixth type of betting system is the Grind method. It is based on the d’Alembert method. It differs only in that after the system makes a profit, there must be a return to the initial bet size.

Advantages – The risk of losing capital is low.

Disadvantages – Slow accumulation of funds on the player’s account, which often leads to a departure from the system.

Kelly criterion

The seventh type of betting system takes into account the Kelly criterion. For this system, it is necessary to gain the necessary experience of the game, as it provides for an independent analysis of upcoming games, independent setting of odds and comparing them with the lines of leading bookmakers in order to identify underestimated events, the odds for which are greatly overestimated or underestimated by bookmakers.

Advantages – An objective assessment of the chances of teams.

Disadvantages – Significant playing experience and the ability to independently analyze the line is required.

Sports betting systems can be of great help to bettors of bookmakers, in particular for beginners.

For new players, it is best to stick with simple systems that will not allow you to quickly lose the pot and at the same time help you understand the intricacies of sports betting well.

Perhaps the ideal option in this case would be the use of flat systems or a fixed percentage.

System – a bet with insurance against loss.

The system must include at least 3 events.
When betting on a system, you choose how many correct outcomes you need to win. The number of outcomes that determines the payoff of the system is called the dimension.

What is a system in sports betting?

The system is a set of expresses. To win, at least one parlay in the system must pass.
The bet amount of the system is divided equally between all express trains in its composition.

The minimum bet amount is equal to the number of accumulators in the system. The amount of the system’s winnings is equal to the sum of the accolades winnings included in it.

What does the dimension of the system in rates mean?

The dimension of the system is the ratio of the number of outcomes that are needed to win to the number of events in the system.

The dimension is indicated as follows: “2 out of 3”, “3 out of 5”, “7 out of 10”. The dimension “2 out of 3” means that we have assembled a system of 3 events, and at least 2 events are needed to win.

The larger the dimension and the number of parlays in the system, the larger the minimum bet amount.

For a system of 5 events, you can choose the dimensions “2 out of 5”, “3 out of 5”, “4 out of 5”. The more events are needed for the passage of the system, the greater its coefficient.

How to calculate the payoff of the system?

The most convenient way is on the system calculator. The calculator helps to calculate the number of parlays in the system and their winnings.

The calculator works only on the desktop version of the site.To calculate the potential winnings of the system and the number of combinations, specify the number of events in your system, its dimension, coefficients and bet amount.

For events that were calculated as returns, set the odds to 1.00.