How to bet on sports

Is it possible to learn the art of betting?

Is it possible to learn the art of betting soon? The question of how to correctly bet on sports excites players, so we will look for answers to it. We will tell you how to place bets correctly and not go into a deep minus.

How to properly allocate funds on the gaming account

The main principle of winning in betting is proper bankroll management. You can not put the amount at random, or change with each bet.

Two options for determining the bet amount:

  • flat is a percentage of the bank. Typically the range is 1 to 5%;
  • fixed rate. The amount is determined once for all subsequent bets.

Beginners are advised to bet on the flat:

  • exclude a quick drain of the bank;
  • make bets proportional to the amount of funds on the game account;
  • flat involves betting at a distance, which helps to gain experience;
  • there is an opportunity to reduce the percentage of the bet when the pot has become smaller.

Follow your betting strategy and bankroll management principles to win long distance. Otherwise, it will have a deplorable effect on the bank.

Beginners are not recommended to use aggressive strategies like Martingale or other types of catch-ups.

Sports betting strategies

Betting on sports correctly means sticking to a strategy to get winnings. The choice of tactics is the decision of each bettor. Skill is required to play each of the tactics.

An effective and safe betting strategy that requires patience and endurance is the Miller system. The foundation of the strategy is flat betting. Main principles:

  • a certain amount is allocated to the bank;
  • the bettor makes bets in the amount of 1 to 2% of the initial bankroll;
  • bets are made until the bank grows by a third. After that, the amount of the bet increases to 2 – 3%.

Preliminary match analysis

The basis of a correct prediction for each sport is a detailed preliminary analysis of a sporting event. Learn how the teams played in previous meetings.

Check out other metrics:

  • ball possession percentage;
  • the number of shots on goal and on target;
  • key indicators in each of the meetings;
  • personal meetings of rivals;
  • team lineups. Are there injured or disqualified;
  • whether the team has tournament motivation;
  • are there any news, rumors, gossip regarding each of the participants;
  • features of the arbiter’s statistics.

A bettor should think about a few questions in order to make a prediction:

  • whether there is a clear favorite and a clear outsider in the match;
  • How well do teams play?
  • whether one of the participants can win the match with a small handicap.

When can I switch to professional betting?

The ability to make correct predictions comes with experience. You can’t demand from yourself at least 60% pass rates if you’ve been betting for a week.

The quality of forecasts is influenced by knowledge of the sport, betting rules, team statistics. At first, you can bet on the advice of privateers, and then move on to an independent analysis of upcoming meetings.

To move from an amateur level in betting to a professional one, you should:

  • adhere to a certain betting strategy;
  • learn to analyze events;
  • be able to control the psycho-emotional state

Sports forecasts are made by cappers and experts, but only the player chooses the strategy. Competent analysis and proper bankroll management will help you to bet.

And remember: it is not so difficult to make a couple of profitable bets as to achieve a result in the distance.

It is not easy for a beginner to make money on sports betting, but each of those who have ever bet on sports hoped to win!

Of course, not everyone succeeded, someone won, and someone lost, but there were always those who won more often than others.

Three rules of win-win bets!

It is always necessary to bet on the team for which they give a lower coefficient, in no case should it exceed 1.55. Keep in mind that the lower the odds, the more reliable your bet will be!

Always for another team, the coefficient should be several times higher. It should not be lower than 3.0 in any way. The higher the ratio, the better.

Never place a bet if it doesn’t fit either the first or the second rule!