Boxing betting


In ancient Greece, boxing was the main discipline at the first Olympic Games. Now this combat sport has millions of fans.
More often, bookmakers offer customers only one market – the “outcome”. You can bet on the victory of each athlete, and the option of a draw is rarely offered, although it is possible.

For louder events, bookmakers provide a wide list:

  • winning round;
  • total rounds;
  • will there be knockdowns;
  • how many knockdowns and a knockdown round;
  • victory by points or knockout.

Additional markets have increased odds, so bettors often resort to them to increase their potential winnings.

Winning round

The player will have to determine which round will be the last. It doesn’t matter which boxer wins. High quotes are given for such a bet, and bettors often take the option in an express bundle with the outcome.

Players often bet on a particular athlete who will win in a particular round, but the risks of such a bet are unreasonably high.

Total rounds

Bookmaker clients are invited to determine the number of rounds in a duel using the TM and TB markets. In boxing, up to 12 rounds are allowed, but often the fight ends earlier.

Totals come with low odds, but it is also easier to predict the number of rounds.


Bookmakers only include knockdowns in highlights from the world of boxing. This is a difficult to predict market, but at the same time profitable in terms of coefficients. Bettors can determine:

  • the number of knockdowns of a particular boxer in a fight;
  • the round in which the knockdown will occur;
  • total total knockdowns.

The easiest way is to guess the total, since this market gives players the right to make a mistake.

Victory type

A boxing match does not often end in a knockout or a clear advantage for the boxer. Athletes demonstrate fighting skills at a similar level, and determining the outcome of the fight requires the intervention of judges.

More often – among lightweight athletes. In this case, the verdict is made on points determined by the judges. Whoever has more, he won.

Often bookmakers include a win on points and a handicap in the list. The bettor bets on the boxer with a few points handicap. If, taking into account the handicap, the athlete wins, the bet will win.

Boxing betting strategy

It is impossible to predict the outcome of a fight without a proper understanding of sports discipline. Players use the market for the total, which is easy to predict.

When lightweights meet in the ring, it is unlikely to end the fight in the first rounds. According to statistics, 73% of lightweight fights end in a decision. It is worth betting on a big total.

Among boxers there are both knockouts and distance fighters. The former give strength to knock out the opponent in the first minutes, while the others exhaust the opponent and work for speed and scoring.

If two knockouts meet, then the right decision would be to bet on a small total. If not, evaluate the technique and strategy of the boxers yourself. Often fighters use the same tactics, slightly modifying it for a specific opponent.

We are looking for a head start – a win-win bet

The light market in terms of the passability of the bet is a handicap. The bet is suitable for a lightweight fight, where the chance of a knockout is lower than that of heavyweights.

This approach will reduce the possible winnings, but also reduce the risks, although if you bet on the outcome, the odds would be higher.

Boxing is a “valuable” sports discipline. Bookmakers who have experience with large payouts when an underdog wins suddenly manipulate quotes. Sometimes the bookmaker deliberately puts a higher odd on the favorite, and not on the outsider of the match.


Live is a suitable option for a bet, as the bettor evaluates the performance of an athlete in the ring. Enough to watch one round of the fight to determine the favorite and the outsider. Live mode – a chance to catch a high coefficient.

For example, a bettor sees how a boxer delivers a series of blows to the head area and immediately bets on victory before the bookmaker has time to change the odds.

Pros and cons of betting on boxing

For a successful bet on boxing, it is important to find a bookmaker that provides an extensive list of fights. The markets that bettors are interested in are total and handicap. Also, these bookmakers include even unpopular fights in the line.

The main disadvantage of betting on boxing is that a large amount of information is deliberately hidden from the audience, which complicates the analysis process and often makes it useless!