What is a betting system 1

Types of betting systems and their combination

Most bookmaker players use various betting systems in the course of their game, and there are a lot of options.

To date, various Internet resources offer their users the most common betting systems for free. Therefore, each beginner can easily choose for himself which sports betting system will be most suitable for him to play.

If a player decides to focus on only one of the sports (which in most cases gives much better results compared to betting on different sports), then he can use specially designed betting systems for football, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc.

Sports betting system Flat

The first type of betting system is Flat – it implies unchanging identical bets on events, regardless of their number (single, express) and the coefficient on them.

The fixed amount of the bet is determined by the player himself. It should depend on the starting or playing capital of the player (bank), which is on his deposit at the bookmaker’s office. The value of the bet must be taken into account as a percentage of the game bank.

The best option for beginners is a rate equal to 5% of the bank.

It is necessary to revise the size of the bet when the player’s bank has increased to the amount set by him.

Of all types of sports betting systems, flat is one of the most popular and widespread among players. It is distributed not only in bookmakers, but also in many types of gambling.

For beginners, flat is one of the easiest options to learn how to consistently make money on bets, while getting acquainted with all the intricacies of the game.

Advantages – The main advantages of the flat system are a very low opportunity to lose your game capital, the ability to change the system during the game.

Disadvantages – Of the disadvantages, only the slow growth of the bank can be noted, but with a good initial deposit, the winnings from each successful bet will be quite impressive.

Rate system “Fixed interest”

The second type of rate system is a fixed percentage. In fact, this is the same flat, but the size of the bet is recalculated after each bet made by the player.

Advantages – With this system of rates, there will be a faster accumulation of capital than with a flat, and with possible unsuccessful outcomes, there will be less bank consumption.

Disadvantages – The only disadvantage is the need to constantly calculate the size of your fixed rate.

System of rates “Fixed profit”

The third type of betting system is a fixed profit. The system is based on planning the desired win.That is, the size of the bet is calculated by dividing the planned winnings by the odds for the event.

Advantages – With a good percentage of winnings for this betting system, it is quite possible to calculate the size of your gaming capital.

Disadvantages – It will be very difficult for beginners to calculate their potential winnings, so it is better to postpone testing this system until sufficient experience has been accumulated in the game.

Martingale method

The fourth type of sports betting system is based on the well-known Martingale method, primarily in casinos. The essence of the method is to increase the size of your bet in such a way that after an unsuccessful outcome, the next winning bet covers all the costs of the previous one.

Among the players of bookmakers, this type of sports betting system, the D’Alembert Method, is called “catching up”. This is due to the fact that the player has to catch up with his previous losses, winning on new bets.

That is, we can say that the player does not lose at all, since all losses are covered by successful outcomes.

Advantages – The Martingale method is a constant growth of capital and stable gains, provided there are no long series of failures, which in practice do not happen so often.

Disadvantages – This betting system, despite its simplicity and profitability, is quite risky, since there is a possibility of completely losing your bank in a series of unsuccessful outcomes.

Therefore, the first bet in the system should be as small as possible so that the entire capital can be distributed over as many bets as possible.

It is best to use events that have not happened for a long time to “catch up”. For example, in football Serie A, the series without winnings against Chievo Verona dragged on.

Let’s say this team did not have victories for seven rounds in a row, and the upcoming matches are coming up with teams that are approximately equal in class. So, it makes sense to bet on the victory of the Veronians until this event occurs.

When applying the betting system according to the Martingale method, it is necessary to take into account the size of the maximum bet in a particular bookmaker, since the next bet with a low maximum limit may simply not cover the losing ones. Therefore, for the game it is necessary to choose several bookmakers with high betting limits for players.