The most predictable sport to bet on

What to choose

There are often discussions among players about which sport matches are the easiest to predict. The rate of betting depends on this parameter, and, accordingly, earnings.

There is no single answer, because everyone needs an individual approach, but we will try to consider the issue from all sides.

What sport to start with?

To begin with, it is important to understand that there are no “easy” sports disciplines. You need to know the game and analyze events.

If a bettor has never been fond of sports and learns about championships and teams exclusively from TV programs, then it will be possible to make money on bets only by accident.

When a person has an idea about the sport and the teams that everyone knows about, then with confidence it is possible to give forecasts with a high degree of patency.

However, on emotions, the player may underestimate or overestimate the strength of one of the opponents.

When registering with a bookmaker, it is problematic to choose a sport, because there are 20-50 disciplines in the line, or even more. So start with what you know.

Most often these are sports games like football, hockey or basketball, and less often tennis, boxing or e-sports.

Team sports

There are team and single sports. Team games are mainly sports games (football, volleyball, hockey), where teams compete. In individual disciplines, athletes oppose each other (tennis, boxing, biathlon, snooker, darts).

Benefits of team view analysis:

  • wide list – a lot of betting options for each match. In single disciplines, there is a good offer only in tennis, and even then, in competitions of the highest rank;
  • inconstancy of the composition – the players in the team regularly change due to injuries, disqualifications and simply the rotation of the coach. This can be turned to your side when parsing the duel.

The dignity of individual sports in the analysis:

The outcome of the confrontation falls on the shoulders of one person, so it is easier to study the possibilities and condition of two opponents than teams of 5-11 players.

When parsing matches of team disciplines, a larger amount of data is taken into account, but this is bad for inexperienced users who are lost in the information flow.

Individual sports

As you might guess, in individual sports they compete alone, as a rule, one on one. There are not as many individual sports games as there are team games.

Perhaps the only truly widely popular among them is tennis, as well as similar sports (squash, table tennis, badminton).

Most predictable sport

When determining the most likely outcome in a team discipline, the bettor operates with colossal amounts of data. It turns out that more factors affect the result, which means that they can be analyzed and forecasted on a variety of “foundations”.

In individual disciplines, it is easier to know the state of the player, but the fact that the outcome depends solely on him is not always an advantage. Still, team sports, or rather sports games, are easier to predict, but you need to focus on one thing.

The mechanics of the games are almost the same. The components are also similar: statistics, form, lineups, motivation, and so on.

However, the number of analytical materials and television programs about football cannot be compared with any other sport. In publications and programs, professionals who specialize in individual tournaments, and sometimes teams, express their point of view.

Because of this, it is more efficient to analyze the condition of the players, their motivation and goals for the match. From interviews with coaches and players, you can learn about the situation in the team or even an insider. It follows from this that it is easiest to predict football.

On the other hand, such a sport may be basketball, but the TOP of the league. In this game, the human factor does not affect the result so much.

Also, the outcome is not affected by weather conditions, and due to the large number of points, sensations happen relatively rarely.

Based on personal preference. If you like hockey, then it is clear that you understand it better than tennis, so it will be the most predictable for you. For each bettor, the most predictable discipline is the one with the best betting rate.