Types of sports betting

Learn to operate with types and combinations

Most novice players do not understand what outcomes to operate when making a bet. A solid wall of betting odds leads to a dead end. Therefore, understanding the typology of bets is the primary task of the bettor.

In fact, the devil is not as scary as he is painted. The main thing when betting at any of the popular bookmakers is to learn how to operate with types and combinations.

The sport that the bettor has chosen is not important. The painting of the event in any form is based on the basic markets of the main outcomes, double chances, totals and odds.

At the same time, it does not matter where the bettor makes a bet – in the market of main or additional outcomes, the base remains unchanged.

Operating the base allows you to collect combinations on the basis of which betting strategies are used. Complex rates and their combinations should be guided after studying the basic typology.

Betting systems in a bookmaker’s office

Love for sports can not only bring pleasure, but also money. Cappers come up with new game systems in bookmakers.

There are no win-win strategies, with the exception of “forks”, however, by choosing the right strategy, you can minimize losses, as well as increase the chances of making a stable profit.

We can distinguish the following game systems, which are currently the most famous and effective.


This game strategy implies that the bettor must bet the same amount, and quotes or other factors cannot influence this. It is not recommended to allocate more than 10% of the bank for one bet.

In addition, you should set yourself at least an intermediate goal – for example, the strategy should be suspended when your bank increases by 20%.

True, it is difficult psychologically to resist not to bet a large amount, especially if things are going well.

Bookmaker surebets.

The system involves placing bets in different bookmakers on opposite outcomes. This is the only strategy in the world that is win-win.

It is necessary that the odds for opposite outcomes be higher than one. In other words, one of the two will win, but whatever the outcome, you should be in the black, albeit a small one.

But you should also not forget that many bookmakers are fighting against arbers: this threatens with a ban and confiscation of winnings.

Martingale strategy.

In order to cover losing bets, you must raise each subsequent bet. In other words, such a game system is called dogon.

This strategy is risky, because you can lose all the funds if you lose all the time. You can choose matches when a team is in decline and does not win up to 10 matches.


This strategy should be used to bet on low odds, and you should bet your entire bank.

Single rate

Single professional bettors are used as the main weapon in the fight against the bookmaker. A bet implies a bet on one outcome from the bookmaker’s line.

At a distance, the single is superior to other types of bets, so profitable players only bet single coupons. Play or not – depends on one event.

To bet on sports by singles means to have a good understanding of the bookmaker’s line, which displays the main and additional outcomes.

The main ones include a bet on a win, a draw and a defeat, while the additional ones include the markets of totals, odds and double chances. Although, bookmakers are improving the line and offer combined outcomes from the basic types:

  • Time/match
  • Victory Style
  • Time slots
  • Player points
  • Match outcome + total

There are a lot of decent offers in the line, but the basic terminology of betting remains unchanged.

Double chance

The bet reduces the risks when betting. If bettors focus on double chance, they noticeably increase the pass rate.Unlike betting, in the main outcome market, double chance overlaps two possible scenarios for the development of events in a match.

Most importantly, the outcome in a team sport, be it football or hockey, can turn in three directions: win, draw, lose.

A double chance bet assumes that the team wins or draws in the match, and the victory can go to both the first and the second team.

The lucrative offer of the bookmaker was quickly appreciated by thinking players. By placing a bet on two out of three possible outcomes, the bettor is in an advantageous position, unlike the bookmaker.


Bettors who like to study individual statistics of teams or players like totals. In any sport, the game goes to the result, expressed in the form of goals scored, corners taken, yellow cards shown, the number of games, etc.

It is better to predict the total of the match if there is no certainty in the bet on the winner of the match. Most of the successful betting techniques are based on the theory of totals.

Someone catches goals in live, someone prefers a reasonable game along the line.


You don’t always want to bet on the favorite of the meeting when they give him a miserable odds. Therefore, professional players put down odds or a conditional advantage, taking into account which the team or player will win.

The handicap market was proposed by bookmakers to equalize the chances of teams.

If the bettor is sure that today the best club will not lose with a certain goal difference, then betting on the handicap of the team will be the best choice.

Specific betting outcomes

In additional markets, the bookmaker’s list contains time/match outcomes, total + match outcome, winning style, etc.

Paying attention to them or not is a personal matter for each bettor. Compound outcomes carry high risks, but at the same time offer high odds.

Having dealt with the typology, the bettor can move on to mastering complex combined outcomes, which are called multiple bets.