Bookmaker – who is it and how to become one

Everything you need to know about betting

A bookmaker is a person who professionally specializes in betting on money. The debater accepts forecasts for upcoming events of a different nature (more often – sports games, less often – political, economic, cultural and other events) with pre-set odds for them. After that, it calculates bets and deals with the issuance of winnings.

Bookmaker – the essence of the specialty

The staff of any land-based “bookmaker” has:


Employees who sit in closed booths with cash registers and PCs. Print lines. They accept bets and money from bettors. Form coupons with forecasts and issue them to customers. After the completion of the events, the winnings are paid out.


Senior staff supervising cashier operators. Detect violations, accept complaints from visitors, draw up shift schedules. They give out bonuses and impose fines.

Analysts prematch

Professional forecasters. Specialists in certain sports and “non-sports”. They select the correct coefficients for paintings, set margins – before the start of the competition.

Live analysts

Also highly qualified specialists, but solving slightly different tasks. With the use of software, they choose quotes and margins that are profitable for the bookmaker – in the course of events, i.e. in live.

They limit the amount of forecasts, temporarily or completely stop accepting bets, “closing” the odds.

System administrators

IT workers. Professional in software, TV monitors, printers, computers, any equipment and software available from the bookmaker. Monitor the smooth operation of hardware and software.

Representatives of the Security Service

Personnel who monitor customers online and control the work of cashiers, administrators and any other employees of the company.

He watches the video in real time (cameras are mounted in the halls of offices, in the cabins of operators, offices of managers) and, if necessary, takes action – reports on violations, calls the police.

It is strictly forbidden for all employees of bookmakers to place bets on any events. The condition is written in the employment contract. Violation of the mandatory requirements – a fine, dismissal.

Who can become a BC employee?

Representatives of different specialties work in bookmakers. Accordingly, the requirements for candidates by the leaders of the “bookmakers” put forward the most diverse.

Forecasters must:

  • Great to count and even better to analyze a huge amount of information. Especially if they are interested in a more lucrative “live” position. They cannot do without excellent mathematical abilities, an analytical mindset and developed logical thinking;
  • It takes a long time to have patience and perseverance, the ability to concentrate on important things.
  • Numerous calculations will take up all the working time – day after day;
  • Have a good memory combined with mindfulness. Any trifle must not only be found, but also, when determining the coefficients and probabilities, do not forget to take into account;
  • Excellent knowledge of your sport or non-sport. At the same time, an impartial attitude to the chosen discipline is obligatory. Selecting your own favorites (teams and athletes) will lead to a minus.

Important: some beginners and not large bookmakers do not hire forecasters. They simply copy the lines of the most influential representatives of the industry. But specially trained personnel are required to check the lists, coefficients and margins.

Requirements for cashier-operators:

  • perseverance. Average shift duration is 12 hours. In some
    the schedule “a day for two” is established. It is necessary to work from 8-9 in the morning of one day to 8-9 in the morning of the next;
  • Resilience, communication.
    Employees need to constantly communicate with people who do not only win. But they also lose their money. The ability not to react to a rude attitude, sometimes provocations from betters, the ability to keep your own emotions under control is important. “Squabbling” with guests, even if they are wrong, is strictly prohibited;
  • Attentiveness.
    It is impossible to make a mistake when accepting customer forecasts and entering them into coupons – neither at the beginning nor at the end of the shift. For an erroneously formed card in live, the employee pays himself (he does not receive a win on it, even if the outcome wins). Prematch coupons are canceled by the administrator;
  • Knowledge of office equipment and PC software. Even if the company has a network of divisions, there is usually only one IT specialist. The operator-cashier must know how to act when the betting program freezes, how to set up routers, TV monitors, printers and computers in the hall.

The leaders of bookmakers give preference to young girls without a family, because:

  • The likelihood of conflict situations with customers is lower;
  • You have to work not only on weekends, but also on holidays;
  • There is less danger that the employee himself will be carried away by rates and will give forecasts, taking money from the cash desk.
  • A technical, economic or anything related to finance education is welcome.

It is impossible to be hired as a cashier-operator, having a main job. Moreover, the employment contract may contain a clause prohibiting part-time work.

An employee of the bookmaker cannot be tired, unable to concentrate on what the guests of the office say. Otherwise, instead of a bet, for example, on P1 and 1000 hryvnia, you can create a coupon, for example, on P2 and 10,000 hryvnia.

The administrators of bookmakers are most often promoted tellers who have worked in the same company for at least several years. They are familiar with other employees and visitors, so it is easier to resolve all conflicts.