Sports betting or casinos: where are the best chances to win money?

Casino and sports betting fall into the category of gambling. In the first case, the player can choose roulette, card games or slot machines, all of which promise a declared cash win if the conditions are met. In the second case, the player participates in an intellectual wager and wins if the event on which he is betting occurs.

Sports betting VS Online casinos: a comparison

Many people think that betting on sports is also a kind of casino and winning depends on luck. However, this is not quite true, betting at online betting shops the player has much more possibilities to influence the chance of winning.

There are significant differences between sports betting and casino betting:

  • In a casino, the player bets against the casino. For example, if a roulette player bets on red and black falls, the casino takes the player’s money for itself. In a bookmaker’s office, participants bet against each other. The bookmaker acts as an intermediary here and takes a commission for his services.
  • In a casino, the payouts are always the same. In sports betting, there are variable odds. Sometimes they even change to the opposite over time. Online bookmakers have different odds.
  • In other words, in online casinos, the player plays against a system in which a certain chance of winning is programmatically set, and in sports betting, players bet between themselves, where online bookmakers act as intermediary and referee.

In sports betting, is there a better chance of winning?

Both casino games and event betting have their share of chance. However, when betting on sports, the player assesses the state of the team, its opponent, the results of recent meetings and other factors. In this case, the excitement goes into the background, giving way to a dry calculation.

Many online bookmakers have a function of taking bets in live mode. For example, betting on soccer bettor can first evaluate the course of the match and understand what the scenario moves the game. Based on the observations, the player can choose a profitable strategy.

Casino lives on losses, which means it is profitable for the participant to lose. Bookmaker’s offices, on the other hand, simply take a commission for mediating the transactions.

Key advantages of betting in betting shops

The variability of the odds can be confusing for a beginner. However, this feature of sports betting is their great advantage. You can choose betting shops where the odds are higher and get an advantage over other players who have entered into a bet with a falling odds. For example, if important team members are disqualified during the game, you can have time to bet against this team in the next game, before the main reaction happens and the odds have not yet changed.

Sports betting should not be treated like gambling in a casino. Experienced players find overpriced odds and manage to fix them and make more profit.

Betting on sports is an opportunity to show reaction, analytical qualities and knowledge of the nuances of particular sports. Recognizing changes in the match in time, you can correct the forecast and choose a winning strategy.

Sports Betting and Data Sources

Sports betting requires mathematical skills. Gambling platforms use complex data sources to collect and analyze statistics, but this is only the beginning. This article explains how operators can offer attractive odds while protecting profits, as well as the different odds systems and popular bets.

Customers and bookmakers alike analyze a range of statistics before formulating a betting strategy.

They study the team, the players, or the horse’s winning history in detail. If it’s a soccer match, they look at how the two teams will behave against each other, if it’s tennis, whether the player prefers grass or dirt. In the case of horse racing, they may study a horse’s age and how it runs a particular course, and that list also includes leaks and insider information like unreported ankle sprains or a jockey’s new diet.

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Bookmakers don’t just calculate the probabilities of an outcome and offer their predictions. They need to change the outcome in their favor, otherwise they will simply become an exchange in which losers hand over money to winners.

After calculating the odds, bookmakers add what is known as an over-round (also known as juice, vigorish or vig). With this extra margin, it doesn’t matter what the result is, the bookie will win either way. The bookie will adjust the odds so that they are interesting to the players. Usually that means increasing the gambling house’s advantage on the favorite and decreasing it on the underdog, which should encourage players to make a riskier bet.

Players like to check odds and test their intuition. Experienced sports bettors are good with numbers and will be able to calculate the value of any bet before they invest their money. If the over-round is too high, the player will keep his money to himself, and if it is too low, the bookmaker’s business will certainly fail. The point is to find a middle ground.

Win bet or Moneyline

Win bet is the simplest bet in the world of sports betting. The player chooses which team in his opinion will win the competition. If the team wins, the betting participant wins, and vice versa. Win bets are the simplest example of how bookmakers can balance all their bets. If Chelsea is expected to beat Tottenham in the Premier League

Teams, clubs and leagues often offer their own publicly available reports, and both players and bettors can consult them. Team and league data is considered official, but legitimacy has a downside: delay. Official reports are slower than unofficial reports because they pay more attention to accuracy and verification.

The sheer amount of data available requires the kind of computing power that only algorithms can provide. In order to build a loyal player base, sportsbooks must offer them a wide variety of sports, events, leagues, tournaments and championships – all focused on a specific market.

That said, only the largest sportsbooks can afford to develop their own algorithms to collect and process the data. Most platforms turn to specialized vendors, such as Geniussports or BetRadar, which provide continually updated data from all sports events in the world.

Rules of sports betting

Each bookmaker’s office has its own conditions for accepting bets on sports, but in many ways they are similar, and if there are differences, they are, as a rule, insignificant. In this article we will look at the basic rules on betting, selecting only the key points. First of all, this material is aimed at beginners who have no experience in betting.

The player should understand the following concepts:

  • bookmaker’s office – an organizer of gambling, some bookmakers accept not only sports betting, but also offer to play poker or casino;
  • line – a list of events with outcomes and odds that the company offers to make a bet;
  • bet – funds which a player transfers to a bookmaker for making a bet;
  • outcome – result of the event;
  • odds – the number by which the stake is multiplied in case of victory.

It is worth noting that the activities of bookmakers’ offices are regulated. There are the following restrictions for betting:

  • It is forbidden to participate in gambling to users under 18 years of age;
  • It is forbidden to participate in betting players who participate in or influence the outcome of an event;
  • it is forbidden to bet from other people’s accounts.
  • If the bookmaker suspects a violation of the rules, it may temporarily freeze the account for further investigation. For violations of the above rules, the account is blocked, but depending on the severity of the violation there is other responsibility.

Types of bets

Basically, every bookmaker offers the following types of sports betting:

  • Single betting – betting options involving betting on the outcome of a single event;
  • Fast – it combines betting on several separate events, in which case the profit is the product of all odds, but a fast bet is considered a loser if at least one of the predictions turns out to be wrong;
  • The system is a combination of quickdraws of a certain size. For example, three fast cars can be completed in each of the three events with two bets each.

It is worth noting that the rules prohibit including in expresses and systems the outcomes of the same event. Among the main outcomes in sports:

  • 1×2 – a win for the home team, a draw or a win for the guests;
  • Team/player win or draw – 1X (home team win or draw), 12 (home team win or away team win) or X2 (draw or away team win);
  • Total – total score of a match or a separate period of time. There are totals more or less;
  • Pass – the exit of a participant or team to the next stage of the tournament;
  • handicap – the advantage of one of the teams or players, the form can be either positive or negative.

We have told you about the main betting options. Depending on the type of sport and the popularity of the event, the bookmaker’s betting spread is different. It is worth noting that the greatest variety of outcomes is found in popular soccer matches of the top championships.

How to bet correctly: tips for beginners

Gambling is not considered by everyone as entertainment. Quite a large number of people bet for the sake of making money. However, it is not so easy to beat a bookmaker. We have prepared a small list of rules, with the help of which everyone will increase their efficiency in betting:

  • professional approach. First, develop your own game strategy or use ready-made ones. There are many different betting strategies on the internet. Additionally, we continually monitor the sports we want to bet on. This will help us make more accurate predictions in the future.
  • There is no guarantee of passing. Sports games are random, so the outcome of the game is unpredictable, and it is easy for the strong to lose to the weak. It does not matter that the user loses a few bets, the main thing is not to lose control and continue to stick to the chosen strategy and monitor its effectiveness.
  • We play in large legal bookmaker’s offices. If our plans include constant earnings thanks to bets and large winnings, then we should give preference only to legal bookmakers. There are plenty of dubious organizations on the Internet. If they refuse to pay out winnings from a bet, it is much more difficult for the user to recover his losses.
  • Avoid passing levels. Expresses attract players due to the huge winning odds that come with multiplication. However, such bets are considered riskier. If you want to try your luck, we don’t recommend adding more than 2 or 3 events to your parlay.
  • Play according to the rules of the bookmaker. Legitimate bookmakers abide by the same gambling principles. However, every business has its own limitations. They relate to minimum bet sizes, maximum winnings and more. If such rules cannot be violated, an error will appear on the site when you try to set the amount lower than the minimum allowed amount. However, if the rules are seriously violated, the bookmaker will freeze the account. In this case, even in court, users are less likely to return the money they wagered.
  • Participation in promotions. Professionals do not always take part in promotional offers. The fact is that not all bonuses are easy to win back, and participation in some promotions temporarily blocks the withdrawal of funds. Therefore, it is best to bet on real money, so that in case of winning the player can always withdraw money.