Futsal betting

How to bet on futsal

Futsal and futsal are different, but bookmakers combine them into one game line. The rules are almost the same, the difference comes down to the permission to tackle and the ability to throw out with your hands in futsal.

Futsal is a more dynamic game, because the hall is smaller than the field.

Bookmakers are reluctant to include futsal in the line, since the sport is not popular in the post-Soviet space, and futsal is actively used for betting. Because of this, bookmakers often form quotes based on the preferences of players with values ​​and distortions.

Futsal betting features

Futsal matches are difficult to analyze for a pre-match game, as it is not always possible to find game statistics for certain teams on the Russian-speaking Internet.

Often players try to analyze futsal teams in the same way as football teams, but futsal has many fundamental differences that bettors need to take into account.

Betting futsal lines have the following features:

  • the painting resembles a football one, but few bookmakers provide a large number of markets. Most BCs include only classical positions in the painting;
  • little data in the “Information” section of the online bookmaker;
  • odds are inferior to football line quotes due to high margins.


The rules of futsal are different from those of football. Minis are played in teams of five, not eleven. The gym is smaller than a football field. When it is necessary to recoup, the teams release a “goalkeeper-driver” – a goalkeeper who is not limited to defending the goal, but can also attack opponents.

Due to the small number of players in the team, the personal performance of the athlete has a greater impact on the outcome of the meeting than in big football.

The meeting takes place in two halves of 20 minutes. There are free kicks, penalties, throwouts and corners – just like in regular football. The team needs to score the ball into the opponents’ goal.

Futsal betting types

The painting on mini-football is similar to a regular football one. Especially for top events. The only difference can be seen in the values ​​of totals and handicaps, as more goals are scored per match in futsal.

In games, the total from 10 often breaks through, so the bookmakers set the appropriate value of the markets. Mini football painting may include the following markets:

  • Exodus;
  • double chance;
  • correct score;
  • handicap (by time, total);
  • total (by time, total);
  • total and handicap for outs, violations, corners;
  • Asian Handicap.

Additional positions may be included, for example, which team will foul first, who will be in the lead for a certain period of time, whether there will be substitutions.

Paintings on the statistics of a particular athlete cannot be found.

Futsal betting strategies

The tactics of betting on futsal are similar to football strategies. But it is more difficult to analyze matches, so most of the game methods are used for betting on statistical indicators.

They can be guessed based on the actual performance when watching live broadcasts. Experienced bettors identify three futsal betting strategies:

  • 2nd half total + total bet. In futsal, you can define a “shock” team that constantly plays in attack. Taking the score of the first half as a basis, bettors can bet on TB 3.5 (if the final score has a total of more than 4), or on TU 3.5. The bet can be strengthened by betting on the total. This is the same bet with different interpretation and quotes;
  • double chance “12”. According to statistics, 80% of all futsal matches end in the victory of one of the teams. Bookmakers often cover only significant matches where there is no draw, while the double chance market remains. In this case, it is necessary to clarify how such a bet is calculated: with or without overtime;
  • total outs. Due to the small size of the hall, the ball is often out of bounds, so there are more outs than in regular football. Bettors play this strategy by catching up, since the bet on total outs over 19.5 in most cases comes in, and if the bet is lost, then it can be won back with the next similar bet.
  • Double chance tactics can be played on the line, but it makes sense to bet on totals only in LIVE, having previously assessed the situation in the first half.


Bettors who understand futsal should look for a bookmaker that offers a wide line of play and deep painting. Companies pay great attention to the analysis of matches, therefore, they set extremely correct quotes.

Beginners should try playing with bookies that offer a superficial futsal line. Such offices make mistakes in listing and offer only top events for which it is easier to collect information.