How to bet on water polo and biathlon

Water polo is one of the Olympic sports disciplines.

This sport became widespread only in the twentieth century, although it did not become popular. As a discipline for betting, water polo is an ambiguous sport.

Few bettors understand the features of the game and know how to analyze it correctly, but there is an advantage, because bookmakers also find themselves in a difficult situation.

Features of betting on water polo

If bookmakers set extremely correct quotes for the top football matches of the world championships, then it is more and more difficult with odds for water polo.

There are not many experts among company analysts who could correctly predict the water polo match, so some players manage to take advantage of the incompetence of bookmakers in this discipline and win by looking for value odds on the outcomes of matches.

Many bookmakers, knowing the difficulty of predicting water polo matches, have abandoned this sport in the line.

It is quite difficult to determine the favorite team. In different conditions, the same team plays differently, an important role is played by:

  • meeting place (at home or away);
  • pool depth;
  • the condition of the players;
  • motivation;
  • how developed is water polo in the country of the team (for national teams).

The painting for this sport is not rich. Among the legal bookmakers that offer bets on water polo, none can offer the same number of markets as on football.

Most often, painting is limited to the following positions:

  • outcome (of the whole match);
  • total (general);
  • handicap (of the whole match);
  • double chance;
  • European handicap;
  • even-odd.

Polo betting has another significant drawback – a high level of margin. Bookmakers try to cover the risks and set the margin at 10-12% or even higher.

How to bet on water polo

Water polo is not the kind of sport where you can do without analytics and rely on betting quotes. It is difficult to analyze a match, but you can increase the probability of passing a bet.

Experienced players recommend disassembling the confrontation in several stages:

  • which team is the owner of the pool. Playing on your territory is one of the key factors. Statistically, the host side wins more often;
  • which team has shown itself better in recent meetings;
  • which team is more successful in personal meetings.

It is necessary to pay attention to publicly available information on the network about the athletes who should take part in the confrontation and information about the type of pool (indoor or outdoor).

If teams meet, then the popularity of water polo in the country plays an important role. The better the sports discipline is developed, the higher the likelihood of a high level of team training.

There is a strategy for betting on water polo – betting on totals, but it is not based on analysis, but on playing catch-up, luck and the ability to properly distribute the pot.

Water polo is not the kind of sports discipline where you can test new gaming strategies, experiment or win back bookmaker bonuses. Betting on water polo should be taken seriously, carefully analyzing each match. To avoid rash losses, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • do not rely on the presented coefficients;
  • do not put on water polo catch-up;
  • bet on “Outcome” or “Handicap”;
  • in water polo, moving odds are even in the line, so you can “catch” profitable quotes.

Before choosing a bet, you need to collect and analyze data about the meeting, using information from thematic resources, communities dedicated to water polo.

Biathlon betting

Biathlon is not considered a popular sport for betting, but the competition is broadcast on federal channels, and the races are watched by millions of people.

Biathlon betting types

Athletes in biathlon participate in different races, but the principle is the same: athletes run on skis along the track and enter the firing lines, where they shoot at targets with a rifle.

The fastest and most accurate athlete wins. Therefore, betting on biathlon is based on the time it takes to cover the distance and the accuracy of shooting.

Winner Betting

Bookmakers offer bettors to choose the winner of the race from the contenders for victory in a particular discipline.

The races are attended by individual biathletes who represent the team or country if it is an international tournament. For example, if a Russian wins the Olympic Games, then the medal will go to both the athlete and the Russian national team.

Therefore, in betting on the winner, you can choose:

  • specific athlete;
  • team or country.

Since a cohort of athletes is fighting on the same track, the probability of winning even the most titled of them is low. Because of this, the odds for the victory of the main contender are 2+, despite the status of the favorite.

Prize bets

After the finish of the first athlete, the race does not end – the rest of the biathletes are pulled up to the finish line, which are distributed in the protocol depending on the time spent on the track. As in other sports, first, second and third places are considered as prizes.

In addition to the first three places (top 3), the top six (top 6) are sometimes singled out in biathlon, but if they offer bets on it, it is rare.

In bets on prizes and on the top 6, you can choose:

  • specific athlete;
  • team or country.

As in betting on the winner, bookmakers offer players to choose who will finish among the first three or six – the specific place taken is not important.

It is easier to predict if an athlete will get into the top three than to determine the winner, so the odds for finishing in the top three are lower than for the winner, and for the top 6 – even lower than for the top 3.